Neve Midbar resort is now closed for renovations. 
Events and parties can be arranged at the spa by prior arrangement.

Neve Midbar resort is located in the heart of the Negev, near Highway 40, which leads from Beer Sheva to Eilat. The estate covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters and includes thermo-mineral pools, a Jacuzzi pool, a dry sauna, a wet sauna and a variety of recreation and relaxation options for the body and soul.
The Neve Midbar Estate offers a continuous experience that combines a relaxing and balanced recreation for body and soul, warm thermo-mineral water pools and a professional, rich and pampering spa center.

The baths

The uniqueness of the site is thermo-mineral water that bubbles in it all year round.
The thermo-mineral water is located at the site, in a huge underground aquifer of thousands of years, extending from the Be'er Sheva line in the north and ending in Sinai in the south.
The water that has been in the ground for thousands of years absorbs various minerals to them, and proximity to the earth's core causes them to warm up. The Neve Midbar Estate receives the water from three different drillings from a depth of 900 meters in our area.
The color and composition of the water varies according to the drilling from which the water is received that day and moves in shades between green and gray.
The water reaches a temperature of 39 degrees.
The composition of the water includes essential minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, which give the water their unique properties.
The thermo-mineral water catalyzes metabolic activity, renews the skin cells and contributes to stress relief.
In the Neveh Midbar estate, many funds have been invested in a system of transmission and filtration of the bath water that neutralizes the sharp smell of sulfuric acid that characterizes the medicinal baths in Israel, and in a unique air conditioning system that constantly replaces the air in the building space and provides clean and clean air at a constant temperature. (Cold or hot according to the seasons).

The outdoor pool

The estate complex has an outdoor pool with jet stations and a wet passage from the central hall. The pool is surrounded by a spacious lawn, with shaded pergolas, and comfortable beds for your comfort.

Desert Spa
When body and soul connect

Alone or together, we all need a moment of respite. Breathing interval. Time to rest, to breathe, to stop the race of our daily lives. Let the body unite with the soul and devote itself to the moment.
In the desert spa you will find a green garden in the heart of the desert, a dry sauna, a massage pool, sun beds, a luxurious tea corner and especially quiet, calm and peaceful that will load you long after the visit.
Our skilled and professional therapists will leave you charged with renewed energy to deal with the outside world.
Price list
Weekdays, holidays and holidays

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Entrance Children (3-14)

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